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Julie Minner Leisure Travel Consultant / Independent Affiliate of the Travel Agent, Inc.

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Leisure Travel Consultant

Let me help you create your life’s story through travel.  I can craft journeys that speak to your own personal appetite and fulfill your hunger for the world.  Is it the smell of lavender in the south of France or the taste of Gruyere and Emmental cheese in Switzerland? Is it the soothing lull of a cruise boat heading out to sea through the islands dotted off the coast of Stockholm, or the sound of bagpipes from the window of your hotel in Edinburgh?

I can guide you to where others have been, and bring their stories and experiences to life in your heart, striking an emotional chord and bringing you a new perspective to the world and your very own life.  Feel uplifted by the magnificent Northern Lights which grace the skies each year.

Walk where many lives were sacrificed on the famous Normandy beaches, and feel a senses of gratitude for those that perished for your freedom.  These intimate experiences are food for your soul…and little by little, become engrained in your being, and ultimately impact who you are and how you view your life back at home.

I’m a lifetime Banker and a lifetime traveler.  I have become a travel consultant to leverage my passion for travel and my many years of business experience to help others see the world with ease…intriguing itineraries, detailed planning, and seamless execution.  Let the dreaming begin!

A few of my favorite places

CRUISING From private yachts to giant ships, the world is at your gangway and there's never been a better time to set sail.

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EUROPE Experience The Continent's wealth of art, culture, and history for yourself.


THE CARIBBEAN Get on Island Time