Getting it right. Every time.

Our exclusive quality assurance program encompasses several underlying technologies, human touch and attention to detail to guarantee every ticket is right every time.

We make sure every dollar of your travel budget is accounted for and utilized.

Unused Ticket Tracking

TTA-CTM’s proprietary software makes tracking unused tickets a simple process, and guarantees our clients never lose the value of an unused ticket.

A pre-notification email is sent to the traveler 72 hour prior to departure.

In the event of cancellation we are notified within 20 minutes and our internal system ensures unused tickets are used on new bookings whenever possible.

Policy Adhesion

Advanced “Out of Policy” alert system notifies the traveler and your dedicated Account Manager if any reservation does not conform to your Corporate Profile and Travel Policy.  Your travel manager will be immediately notified so appropriate action may be taken at the time of booking, allowing it to be corrected before money is spent. 

Your dedicated advisor team will also review reservations, charges, and credit card usage to affirm that all are valid; preventing fraud and costly errors.

Contact us for more details. 


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