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Before You Depart

So you've met with your Personal Travel Advisor and your adventure is planned! Here's what to do in the meantime:

 Traveling Documents

- Electronic ticket confirmation numbers for air flights

- Itinerary

- Passports and/or Visas   (if required)

- Cash, credit cards, ATM card

- Carry a copy of your passport separate from the original

- Carry a copy of your full itinerary in checked luggage

- Most travel info can now be accessed via your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. HOWEVER: Batteries die. Phones drown. Tablets get swiped. Better safe than sorry!  Take paper backups for your itinerary, tickets, and important contact info!


- Remove any credit cards and items not needed on the trip.

- If traveling as a couple, each person should carry a different type of credit card.

- Note credit card company phone numbers and your card number on a separate piece of paper and carry separately from your wallet.  This helps should you lose your credit card.

 - Call your credit card company to advise when and where you will be traveling to avoid a freeze on your account.  Also ask if you will need any special pin numbers if you are traveling abroad.

-If traveling abroad, carry a small amount of the local currency at all times, including travel time, in case of emergencies or credit card failure. 

Departure Checklist

- Pack one week ahead to avoid last minute stress.

- Your carry on should contain night clothes and at least one change of clothes.

- If traveling as a couple, pack half of your clothes in each suitcase.  If one should be lost then you will have clothing until it is recovered.

- Stop your home newspaper and your home delivered mail.

- Empty your refrigerator and take out the trash.

- Advise a relative or neighbor when you will be gone and provide them an itinerary.

- Leave copy of your itinerary on your kitchen counter.

- Adjust the lighting and thermostat.  Consider putting timers on some lights so that your house is not completely dark.

- Secure all of the windows and doors.

- Turn off washing machine lines and check your sump pump.

- Water the plants.

- Make arrangements for pets.

- Activate the security alarm system and double check that all doors are closed and locked when you depart.



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